The Dreaded Lurgies.


Is there anything more irritating than getting ill? In my case, it’s tonsillitis. I hate this illness more than I hate spiders, and I really hate spiders. The issue with this is tied directly to my impatience. Just under nine years ago, when I was pregnant, I got this dreaded lurgy and as I was unable to take painkillers or antibiotics for it, I took drastic action. Dabbing a local anesthetic liquid on my tonsils, I literally pulled out the dry skin which was flaking into the back of my throat. It hurt, but no more so than picking off a scab by accident.

It wasn’t until the tonsillitis cleared up at the end of that week that I realised the extent of what I’d done – I literally had pulled an entire half of my tonsil out on the left side. Needless to say, doctors and friends alike labelled me crazy. Maybe I am, but I simply can’t stand lingering pain which I have the power to speed up the healing on.

So, with this in mind, my current method of dealing with tonsillitis is pretty tame. Antibiotics on the first day, antibiotic ear drops, and a room filled with tea tree vapours from my oil burner is the standard, now. Not to mention a quick shot of vodka to really kill off those little bleep bacteria.

How far have you gone to get over an illness? What’s the most irritating one you’ve had to deal with? Leave comments!



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