The Hunt Is On!


As I write this post, my seven year old son is frantically racing around our four bedroom flat looking for 33 small & tiny easter eggs, put there by the Easter Bunny. Oh yes, the magic is very much alive under this roof. He’s received letters from Santa and the Easter Bunny congratulating him on being so well behaved and reminding him to remain kind and compassionate. He’s even received a teeny tiny letter from the Tooth Fairy telling him the tooth he lost was in great condition and remember to always brush his teeth.

As bad as it seems, “lying” to your kids, It’s also an effective parenting tool and, if used correctly, it can imbue them with a sense of confidence and self-awareness, because it’s not just Mummy saying this – the powers that ‘see all’ also say it, and that’s a comparison made on every other little boy and girl. When he grows up and finds out it’s not really from them? I’ll just remind him that it doesn’t make the words any less true, that we love him wholeheartedly and we meant every word.

Not to mention, he’ll finally know that all those presents were from us, and not Santa Clause. That’s my only issue with Christmas.. you have to buy enough presents to convince your child that Santa exists and also buy him a bunch from you. It’s expensive. Which means that when he’s unwrapping those gifts, you have to bite your tongue and remember that it’s for the greater good, to make him happy, which is all that matters in the end.

Oh, to be a child! I can’t wait to have more. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too much longer… But as for today, back to the hunt, and to watching him scoff so much chocolate he inevitably gets tummy ache and wont eat dinner.

Oh and by the way – Happy Ostara.



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