Shopping & ID


Yesterday was the kind of day where you have to take a nap, or you wont make it through the day. Normal, right? Well, it is when you have fibromyalgia. I keep meaning to get into a sleep-wake-nap-wake-sleep schedule, which would actually keep me awake for longer, but the issue I’m having right now is that I am incredibly sore and just the thought of sleeping makes me wince.

In saying that, I’ve had a productive day/night. I got a taxi to ASDA as soon as I received my money (taking a taxi is so much easier when you’re disabled), and went with Heather. Pure luck – they’re having an Introductory Offer sale, where I picked up a Minions onesie sleep suit for Damien for just £5. I got him some awesome wrapping paper… halt for just one second, rant needed –

WHY IS WRAPPING PAPER SO EXPENSIVE NOW? Seriously. I remember when you could buy character rolls of paper for £1 and it was like 6 metres. Now? £2 for 3 metres! I get that we’re in a recession, but some things really suck. Especially when you’re on a budget. No matter where I went, the prices were similar. I’ll be buying my wrapping paper online from now on, the one place it hasn’t really been affected.

… anyway. I bought 3 rolls of the (stupid bloody expensive) wrapping paper, and selected birthday cards – A Spiderman one for Lisha saying ‘nephew’.. the Spiderman is attached to a spring on the front. It’s cool. Heather got him an Olaf one, which suits her down to a T and I got him a Toy Story one which has a giant Rex which closes and opens its jaw when you open and close the card. He’s obsessed with Toy Story, and Rex, recently. He’s asked for a Toy Story themed bedroom, so if anyone can help with that, I’d appreciate it!

I got ID’ed at the cigarette counter, believe it or not, buying my sister’s cigs.. 26 years old, and she wouldn’t sell them to me – Heather is 28. I thought being older than the 25 year old thing would set me free, but apparently not. Curse these childlike features!

Anyway, since then I’ve dealt with an extremely grumpy Lisha, wrapped all of Damien’s presents, written out his card. I’m pretty proud of myself.



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