Dentists, Tumble Dryers, Butchers & The DWP.


What a day! Days, Really. Let me start with yesterday.

I went to the dentist – twice. No, not for myself. The first time I went, I was accompanying my sister, Lisha. The appointment was just a checkup, really, but she was given options that she’d never been offered before; namely, braces. She had a few teeth which never formed, so it left gaps which she hates. It really should have been fixed in childhood but, for one reason or another, her parents never put her in for it. Anyway, she has a few holes which need filling too, which only really showed up in x-ray.

The second time I went was my own appointment, Heather’s appointment and Damien’s appointment. I went first – the dentist asked me what was wrong with my teeth from my opinion, and I told him – I have my tooth which is practically falling apart because of botched emergency appointments, and he suggested that I get a post put in to hold the filling in place so that it could set for a crown, which is an awesome idea. I also have a large hole in one back tooth which I noticed in our old house but could never get an appointment to fix it (calling our old dentist was trial and error: you could call and call for a full day and get no answer, then get an answer the next day and have an appointment set for four months from now unless you wanted an emergency appointment which only ever offered a temporary solution). I also have a small hole on the opposite side which I actually only noticed the other day whilst trying to check my tonsils to see if my quick-fix tonsillitis attack had worked, which it had by the way. This hole is only superficial, it’s the left upper side which has an issue. I also have an impacted wisdom tooth which doesn’t hurt, it’s just having trouble coming through the gum. But nevertheless, I had x-rays done, which cut the roof of my mouth, for the record, and everything I’d noticed was literally all that’s wrong with my teeth. They’ll all be sorted on May 12th, thankfully. Phew. I hate having bad teeth, but my last dentist being so terrible and all, it’s a wonder they didn’t fall out..

Damien’s teeth are perfect, hooray! and Heather’s teeth were better than she expected, and her issues should be resolved within the next nine months.

On to today. I woke to the tumble dryer being fixed, and asked them how much it was gonna cost as it was a bigger job than expected, and he told me £40, and I thought fair enough. I should have left then to get the money. In the time it took me to walk from the kitchen to the living room and back, they’d added another £10 to the price. This pissed me off, as they did parts repairs without even asking us if we could afford it, which was actually a no – it cut into our food budget, meaning that I had to hope we could get everything in Leslie as paying to get into town was just going to cost even more.

After handing over the £50, Heather and I took a walk down the High Street and made it to the butchers, where we picked up one of their food packs, which thankfully should be enough to get us through the next week or so. Other than accompaniments like chips, we’re sorted. I prefer to cook with fresh meat anyway, and we were able to get the mince for Damien’s birthday Spag bol – his requested meal.  I also had enough to get Damien’s cake and to pay for Lisha’s bus fare to her DWP appointment.

Which brings me to my last mention, and I apologise in advance –

Those dirty, rotten fucking scumbags decided to sanction Lisha on something they can’t fucking prove and that they are wrong about! A few weeks ago, Lisha was in the job centre with me, going to an appointment. She was told about a job that she really wanted to go for and told that if she didn’t finish the form and bring it in the very next morning, she’d miss the opportunity. Let me be clear – her appointment was at 4.30, she was seen early, and she stayed until five fifteen – fifteen minutes after fucking closing – to finish this job application. Dedication, right? Drive, right? Willingness to work – right? Her job adviser was impressed by how much effort she put into this, helping her to finish the job application to make sure she covered all her bases.

That apparently means nothing to the DWP. Weeks later, she went to another of her appointments, only to be told that she was under investigation for missing a job interview – the interview attached to those forms. The adviser remarked that she was surprised, as she’d seen how interested Lisha was in the job and she knew that Lisha was reliable, as she’d never missed an appointment at the job centre, even showing up early on numerous occasions. Still, this means nothing to those scumbags, either. She was told a letter was sent out, and informed them she’d never received it.

Today, at her appointment, she was told she was being sanctioned for six months. Six fucking months! for failing to attend the appointment. Then, she was told it was an e-mail, not a letter. Lisha tells me everything, and she never once mentioned an e-mail, so I believe her when she says it was never received. She was devastated that they were basically calling her a liar.

We’re taking action. Martin is looking into the case and ironically, an email which was sent cc to Lisha by him was never received, either. He’s witnessed this himself now, and has confirmed as much in his correspondence with the DWP. Lisha clearly has an issue with her gmail, which has her worried as she has it on most job applications. The fact that Martin and I have both witnessed this issue now is a clear case of at least reasonable doubt meaning that they can no longer ‘prove’ (what bullshit that the absence of proof otherwise counts as proof for their case.. If I don’t eat meat in front of someone, does this prove that I’m a vegetarian?) that she received the e-mail – WHICH SHE DID NOT. Hopefully this horse-shit ruling will be overturned by next week.



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