Breaks and Amusements


Oops, so I totally spaced on posting here for the last few days, and I’m kicking my ass about it, trust me! Whoops. It’s been an eventful week, really. The main reason I haven’t written is because my fingers have been exceptionally sore. However, they’ve been okay for playing the PS3. (Insert Shifty Eyes).

Okay, where to start? It’s been a week of ups and downs, and truthfully, my pain got to me – a lot. When it first kicked in last Friday, I snapped at my son and this in turn upset me. After I apologised for snapping, I pretty much got into bed and cried for a bit. Getting to sleep took me another two hours, as my shoulders have been unbearable. Sleep has been a huge issue this week for me, nothing seems to keep me pain free enough to sort out my shoulders – they think I have nerve damage in my neck. The next day when I got up, I found out that the cats had shredded my violin bow, so that also p(bleep)ed me off, as I now need to buy a new one as I have two violins (acoustic and electric).

Though, this did lead to a conversation with my sister about violas, cellos and clarsachs (which is a type of harp – they are gorgeous and I want one!) so this was the precursor to a really good thing. I don’t really get to see my sister, but our conversations are always awesome. There’s a lot of s(bleep)t around that situation, which is not really connected to either of us directly. Circumstances are awkward, people are judgmental, and there are a few eggshells around individuals in our lives which would cause a lot of harm if they were to be trodden on. It’s okay. Any way that I get to connect to my sister and her husband and daughter is pretty awesome, though I’d love to spend time with them. Taking the kids to a theme park would be fab, if it could be worked out.

Anyway. The next day was my son’s birthday, and he had the time of his life! Balloons everywhere, awesome presents and lots of love everywhere. He stayed up a little too late, which he’s done a few times over the holiday, oops. We’re really good about getting him to bed on school nights, but the routine goes out of the window when it’s the holidays and there’s puzzles to be done, games to be played, bow and arrows to shoot up the hall (not real arrows!). Life is pretty crazy around here. We’ve mastered unconventional in a huge way. Here’s a pic of my son when he first woke up and saw the balloons:


He pretty much played with them like a ball pit, lol. There were 64 balloons, and I blew them all up on my own. Some of them deflated while I was trying to inflate them, and I was counting the breaths it took me to get them all blown up.. putting the same amount into each balloon, that is. I worked out that it took 299 1/4 breaths to blow them up. I counted smaller breaths as 1/2’s. Counting is a weird thing that I do with the OCD. I also click my teeth when I’m thinking, and count them in a series of numbers, get up in the middle of the night to check the cooker is off, etc. Thankfully the layout of this house has stopped me checking the door locks to outside.

Weirdly, on D’s birthday – none of us could eat. We had a big breakfast of eggy bread, bacon and sausages, but that was all we could stomach for the rest of the day! Except for cake. Cake has to be eaten, it’s illegal not to eat cake. Okay, maybe not illegal. Frowned upon. Yes.

I was in agony after Damien’s birthday, but I didn’t want to let him see that, so I stayed in bed on the 13th until the discomfort of lying down finally drove me out of the covers at around 20 to 4. I was pretty lame that day. Shared some cat videos. Conformed to the internet stereotype. I even played Facebook games. Gasp! I’m kind of addicted to Dreamland Story and Candy Crush Soda, it’s getting to be a problem.

The 14th was mostly spent playing Diablo 3: ROS on PS3. My fingers were especially bad, so I really didn’t do very much. Not to mention, I was gearing up for today, so it was necessary to rest up so that I’d be able to walk today. Heather, Lisha and I smoked our very last cigs, then quit.

FINALLY, we’re on to today. I know, I talk a lot – I wanted to cover everything, and I’m sorry for the downer stuff, it’s been a roller coaster week. Today, we went to Links Market – it was manic, being the first night and all. However, it was also great fun. We didn’t have a lot of money, so we spent a lot of time in the arcade with loose change, but Damien went on a lot of the fun houses, and we played a lot of the hook a duck type games.

Heather won herself a minion teddy and a minion mug, and a minion window suckered teddy thing. See a pattern? The girl is obsessed. Crazy bugger, but I love her just the way she is! No, not in a girlfriend kinda way. People always seem to assume I’m in a relationship with my housemates. I don’t think they really know what platonic love is.. They’re like my sisters, I love them to bits, I call them sisters. They just are sisters to me, nothing more and nothing less. I always wanted a big family, and I guess some of us just have to collect the extended family along the way if fate doesn’t provide them with it at birth.

Lisha had a kind of up and down night. Unfortunately, the first ride we really went on, her bag flew out of the ride, got trapped under, and had to be pulled out by the attendants. When we got off and got it, we discovered that it was badly damaged, with holes all over it, rips from being dragged under. Inside was a mess – a bottle of juice had exploded, covering our teddies that we’d won. Thankfully, it was a clear drink and there were no stains to contend with. A mirror had smashed inside (blaming the ride for that, we didn’t break it! No 7 years bad luck for us.. we’ve had enough of that) and getting it out was a nightmare. Lisha cut her hand, and I had to get a plaster from a burger stand. It was generally sh(bleep)ty and it’s her best bag, so blah. We’re going to buy band patches for her, to try and save it. She got a baby Oleg from a game, though – it helped her cheer up at least!

Damien got a haul – a toy sword, a toy bow and arrow and a toy gun. He’s been running around all night with them; getting him to bed was a nightmare! It had nothing to do with the candyfloss and marshmallows at all, nope. Haha.

I got a teddy Hello Kitty and a Gnasher from the Beano on darts games and duck games. I haven’t seen anything like this ever before, so I absolutely had to have him. Probably spent more than he was worth, but oh well. I’m chuffed to bits!

Writing hurts now, as you can probably tell by the flagging writing quality. I apologise.



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