End Of My Tether.


So, there comes a point when you say, “enough is enough”. My landlord has been AWOL for nearly a year, but he was liable for repairs to the property until the end of January, and my health problems had already declined drastically by that point. Fozia Shahazad, this is your fault. We told you about the roof leaking, asked you to fix the collapsing wall in my room, the open window on the side of the house, the patio door which wont close, the leak under the sink which made the ceiling cave in downstairs. You knew you had no intention of fixing these problems, and you thought failing to register as a landlord again would save you. It doesn’t.

I have serious issues with my breathing, and the hospital think it may be ABPA, CPA or permanent damage to my airways and lungs caused by all the infections i’ve had here. So, Mr. Shahazad, I will see you in court. I’m suing for Landlord Negligence and personal injury.

I have enough on my plate – we’re facing homelessness, and no one will give us a home. Now I’ve been told categorically that this home is killing me. No sugarcoating – the doctor flat out said that if we do not move, I will relapse even with the Doxycycline they’ve put me on at double dose. I will relapse despite the Montelukast added to my asthma treatment.

We need to get out – desperately. My life depends on it.

That’s a pretty severe end of my tether to get to.


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